About us

Dite e Nate Pharmacy chain was created as the pharmacy that is always by your side at any time, for everyone that needs pharmaceutical service. The Ditë e Natë Pharmacy is available for patients during the day, but also at night, offering emergency services for medicine. 

Pharmacy Ditë e Natë has more than 65 locations scattered across Tirana, Shkodra, Lezha, Durres, Vlora, Fier, etc. Patients that receive the pharmaceutical service in Ditë e Natë Pharmacy also receive all the benefits of what a pharmaceutical chain has to offer.

Ditë e Natë Pharmacy staff works hard every day to meet your needs, combining the advantages of a pharmacy that is located near your home with the strength of a big corporation, where the focus is on the quality of products and the safety of their origin. We offer you complete professionalism through a staff of pharmacists, who can answer any questions and requests regarding your health and the health of your entire family.

The large variety of our products does not only consist in medicine. We also offer skincare and hair care products, to ensure a healthy lifestyle, as well as multiple lines dedicated to children. This variety gives you the opportunity to find all the solutions to any of your problems with just a visit to the closest pharmacy Ditë e Natë.

Our vision!

Through the introduction of new and specialized services we aim to improve and further develop our pharmaceutical chain. We want to be known in an international market. We aim to have an advanced practice of our pharmaceutical service to meet the needs of our patients and thus become a model for our contribution to society.

We aim to become an educational pharmaceutical platform that provides information and enables high quality education for students, pharmacy employees, customers, and healthcare providers.

Our mission!

With our professionalism and our seriousness, we contribute to the improvement of the health of each of our patients and clients.

Through the services that we offer, the way we collaborate and communicate as a team we manage to meet with great satisfaction the needs of our patients and clients. By meeting their needs, we have managed to provide to the pharmaceutical market, not only a high standard experience, great knowledge and professionalism by our staff, but also of our human values. For these reasons we aim to further reach more achievements in this aspect.

Ditë e Natë Pharmacy is the best choice for your health, beauty, and well-being. Discover all our benefits!

Over 65 pharmacies

Everywhere, for the whole family! Following this motto, we work diligently every day to provide the best experience for you and your family. Let us be your partner. Find a health and personal care partner with us. We are very close to you through our points in Tirana, Durres, Elbasan, Shkodra, Lezha, Fier, Vlora, Korça.

Find out where we are 24H

Most of our pharmacies are open during the day and during night, for more discover the closest pharmacy near you open 24 Hours. At every moment you need us, we are by your side.